3 Phone Calls a Day

electrical contractor calling customers

Did you know that you can grow your revenue will just three phone calls per day. That’s right all it takes is three phone calls per day to increase your revenue.

1) Call an old customer, someone you haven’t worked with for over a year.

Use this as an opportunity to introduce them to someone new on your team. Or tell them about a new piece of equipment or tool you have invested in that would benefit them or solve a problem they have. Maybe this is a new bucket truck and now you can service their parking lot lights or a new piece of testing equipment that allows you to provide preventative maintenance. Use this as an opportunity to tell them about a new division you have started or service you can now offer.

2) Call a current customer, someone you are currently working with.

This is an opportunity to make sure they are a satisfied customer and that you are doing all the work you can for them. If this is a project customer you could use this opportunity to introduce them to your service manager who is here to assist them after the completion of the project. Maybe there are other services you offer that are not part of this project that you can offer to them. 

3) Call a potential customer or someone you haven’t done work with but would like to.

This is a clean slate and a prime opportunity for you to kindle a new relationship. Ask to set up an appointment to meet with them face to face and introduce them to members of your team and allow you to share about your company and what service you offer. 

With all three of these calls, it is important to make sure you are asking for what their needs are and how you can earn their business. Don’t just make a call for the sake of checking it off your to-do list. Always have a purpose for the call and always be looking for an opportunity to sell your company.

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