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Firestone Consulting Group's High-Performance Academy

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Firestone Consulting Group’s High-Performance Academy  is a place for talented high-performing managers to make gains in their performance and provide measurable results for their organization. Our intensive six-month program uses relevant, practical content, coaching, facilitation, peer feedback and accountability to make things happen for your organization. 

Benefits to your company:

  • See measurable results
  • Develop individuals to take on more responsibility and help grow your organization
  • Ongoing results and improvement
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Make great things happen
Our High-Performance Academy is delivered over the course of six months with bi-weekly group video calls. 100% of the program is delivered online so there is no expensive travel or risk of cancellation. 

Who should enroll in the High-Performance Academy?

Participants should be high-potential managers who are ready to take on new levels of responsibility to move the needle. These are individuals who are already performing better than average and has potential to take his or her leadership to the next level.

  • Division or Branch Managers
  • Department Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Individuals new to leadership roles
  • Up and coming leaders

Words that would describe these individuals are:

  • Key people
  • Talented
  • Get things done
  • Driven
  • Self-motivated
FCG High Performance Academy - Accountability - Leaderships - Results

Next academy starts May 19, 2020

To get enrolled call (402) 817-1420 or email us at academy@firestonecg.com

Participants in our High-Performance Academy will receive:

  • 13 live online sessions (no pre-recordings)
  • 170-page guide and workbook
  • Two 1:1 coaching sessions
  • One follow up call 30-60 days after completion
  • Unlimited email support for the duration of the program
  • Peer network of like-minded, high-performing managers
  • Relevant tools that can be used in your company today!
  • A certificate at the completion of the program
Why did we create the High-Performance Academy?

FCG’s High-Performance Academy exists because there is a problem with leadership training and development today. Many of the programs on the market are “canned solutions” tied to big names and don’t meet the needs of the individual participants. These traditional programs tend to move slowly, are crammed full of theories and sets of principals all delivered via lecture and PowerPoint. 

The most frustrating part is that none of them are focused on results and action. In partnership with the Center for Executive Coaching, we have developed a program like no other that allows each participant to tailor the program to their individual and company’s needs. Most importantly though is the focus on action, accountability and results!

Why our High-Performance Academy
Blows Away Traditional Training Programs

Traditional Training Programs

  • Force feeding principles; one size must fit all
  • Emphasis on cheeking off learning points
  • Theories and principals with no action
  • No follow up 
  • Bores high-performing managers to death
  • One approach: Training
  • No feedback to employees manager
  • No way to measure ROI

FCG's High-Performance Academy

  • Custom, dynamic learning
  • Emphasis on results and value
  • Actionable takeaways from every session
  • Follow up over time for sustained results
  • Engaging and empowering; designed with high performers in mind
  • Hybrid approach of best practices: coaching, peer support, facilitation, case studies, accountability, results tracking, check-ins, and more
  • Manager is required to be kept in the loop from the first session
  • ROI is baked in from start to finish

What you need to know!

In every session, participants will be given actionable tasks to improve themselves and their organization. An accountability plan is developed at the end of each session. Every individual is expected to report back to the group at the start of the following session progress on their action items.

Through our academy application process, we ensure only one contractor with in a 200-mile radius is part of each group. We have found this leads to more open and honest discussion among all participants.

Every academy participant is required to provide timely feedback and updates to their manager or supervisor. As part of our accountability and results focused program we encourage managers and supervisors to participate in the last session with the group.

Our High-Performance Academy isn’t for everyone. Participants in this academy are driven, motivated and talented individuals. Through measurable results, accountability and action, we will help develop your top talent and take them to the next level.

Our program is not a boring lecture format filled with fluff and trendy leadership principals found in the latest “best-seller.” In partnership with the Center for Executive Coaching we have developed a program like nothing you have seen before. This isn’t a strategic planning or professional development course in which participants are overwhelmed with theories and principals. We focus on results and high-performance from day one! Participants will be tested and challenged to get outside of their comfort zone and embrace being high performing leaders in their companies. 

The program covers topics such as:

  • Leadership Disciplines, Behaviors & Habits
  • Leadership and the Power of Perception
  • Communicate Simply & Powerfully
  • Engage & Mobilize Employees
  • Managing or Leading Up
  • Handling Overwhelm & Getting Control of Time
  • Thinking Comprehensively
  • Influence with Impact
  • Your Powerbase & Building Strong Professional Relationships
  • A Strategic Mindset
  • Creating a High-Performance Culture
  • Taking Your Leadership into You Community

Time is running out to enroll. Our next academy starts May 19, 2020 so apply today!

Are you ready to apply to the FCG High-Performance Academy? Fill out the form to the right and we will contact you or you can can reach out to us by calling (402) 817-1420 or emailing us at academy@firestonecg.com

Are you ready to apply to the FCG High-Performance Academy? Fill out the form below and we will contact you or you can can reach out to us by calling
(402) 817-1420 
or emailing us at academy@firestonecg.com

Do you have what it takes to be a leader in your company? Get started today!
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