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Top 10 Tips for Managing Estimators

As part of our monthly webinar series, we shared our “Top 10 Tips for Managing Estimators” with contractors from 26 different states, Puerto Rico, and Canada. In the presentation, our President, Matt Firestone shared his tips gained over 15+ years … Read More

5 Things You Can Do While Working From Home to Advance Your Career

5 Things You Can Do While Working From Home to Advance Your Career Just about everyone in America has had their normal routine turned on end in the past few weeks. For some employees this is the first time they … Read More

working with family

All in the Family – Tips for working with relatives

Is your business partner a family member? Do you work for a family member? Are you an employee of a family-owned business? If you are working in the construction industry there is a good chance that you are a family-owned … Read More

financial statements used by electrical contractors

3 Financial Statements Every Electrical Contractor Should Know

How do you manage your company’s finances? Through your check register or online bank statement? Do you have a bookkeeper, or do you manage the finances yourself? These are just some of the questions you should be thinking about when … Read More

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3 Phone Calls a Day

Did you know that you can grow your revenue will just three phone calls per day. That’s right all it takes is three phone calls per day to increase your revenue. 1) Call an old customer, someone you haven’t worked … Read More