Operations & Strategy

Electrical contractors need strategic planning to formulate result-yielding business plans. As a business owner, you cannot expect growth without having a roadmap that specifies your objectives. Every company requires a vision to manifest growth, profitability and customer satisfaction. Our strategic planning solutions help maximize returns for your electrical contracting business.

At Firestone Consulting, we utilize a team of experienced consultants and coaches to help lead you forward with an eye toward steady growth and sustainable performance with focus on operations, education and marketing to meet your dynamic business needs. We provide both individualized and end-to-end customized strategies regardless of the size of your business model with the goal of defining your services in a very competitive market.

Our team helps capture the full market value of your business by streamlining your goals and objectives. We achieve this by carrying out a comprehensive assessment of assets and resources; strengths, weaknesses, potential risks and opportunities.

Firestone Consulting helps provide time-efficient solutions that allow business owners to work on their business as opposed to working in their business. We help you achieve your goals toward quantifiable results through:

  • Streamlined business processes and standard operating procedures
  • Implementation of  effective financial management systems
  • Business plans and strategies for scalable growth
  • Leadership and executive development
  • Exit strategies and succession planning
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